The Bench



Producer: Grace Kitto. Director: Jayne Chard. Format: TV film.

This half hour drama for ITV starred Leslie (Dirty Den) Grantham and Maria Aitken was written by the late acclaimed writer Nick Darke. One of the challenges for director Jayne Chard was the lovely shot near the beginning of the film where the camera swoops down from the cliff top to the beach to find the two main protagonists. It was not possible to get a crane onto the beach so in the end a jimmy jib was used with remarkable results.

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A fire on board ship leads to the death of a young seaman. This dramatic reconstruction of the fire and the subsequent enquiry was used a part of a training programme for fire investigators.

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The Beach Dogs




This is a film about the work of an animal clinic on a remote island in the Gulf of Thailand. In this clip the volunteers need all their skills to catch a stray dog for neutering. 

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Bath Cats and Dogs Home is one of the largest re-homing centres in the UK. This website video is to give visitors an insight into the work they do and to encourage people to adopt the home’s animals. This client was new to video production so we carefully led them by the paw through all of the process.

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